The Hottest NFL Wives That Bring the Heat off the Field

The Hottest NFL Wives That Bring the Heat off the Field

The hottest NFL wives and girlfriends are some of the most beautiful women in the world, and they make it a priority to stay fit and look their best!

From actresses to models, they come from all different backgrounds, and each one is stunning in her own way.

Keep on reading to find out how these women turn heads wherever they go!

Gisele Bündchen

Birthdate: 20 July 1980

NFL partner: Tom Brady

Profession: Model, activist, businesswoman

No list of the hottest NFL WAGs would be complete without the one and only: Gisele Bündchen. However, as one of the most famous supermodels in history, Gisele is much more than the wife of NFL’s GOAT: Tom Brady. Her stellar career spans from modelling to acting and, most importantly, philanthropy. On a more private note, she and Tom share two beautiful children.

Olivia Culpo

Birthdate: 8 May 1992

NFL partner: Christian McCaffrey

Profession: Fashion influencer, beauty queen, social media personality, actress

As a former Miss USA and Miss Universe, Olivia Culpo definitely belongs on our list of hot NFL wives. After winning the most coveted beauty pageant globally, she became a successful social media influencer and dabbled in fashion design.

Furthermore, she has launched an eyewear collection and founded the ‘More Than a Mask’ charity organisation that helps feed citizens in need. She is currently dating Christian McCaffrey—Carolina Panthers’ running back.


Birthdate: 25 October 1985

NFL partner: Russell Wilson

Profession: Singer, songwriter, dancer, actress, model, businesswoman

This Crunk&B trailblazer, known for her fantastic music and live performance acts, has been dubbed one of the hottest NFL spouses after her wedding to Russell Wilson in 2016.

She has attained multiple-platinum records throughout her decades-long musical career, acted, modelled, and started several businesses. As of now, Ciara and Russell have three children who inspired them to co-author a children’s picture book called Why Not You?

Katherine Webb

Birthdate: 24 April 1989

NFL partner: A. J. McCarron

Profession: Model, beauty queen, television personality

Former beauty queens make excellent NFL WAGs, and Katherine Webb is no exception. Currently, she is a model and a television personality who has gained her fame after being featured on ESPN during an Alabama football game broadcast. After marrying A. J. McCarron, in 2014, became involved in her church work and has had three sons.

Brittany Matthews

Birthdate: 1 September 1995

NFL partner: Patrick Mahomes

Profession: Fitness trainer, soccer player, businesswoman

After ending her soccer career, Brittany has become a successful fitness trainer and entrepreneur with a thriving online business. She met her husband—the Chiefs’ quarterback, Patrick Mahomes—when they were studying together at Whitehouse High School in Texas.

The two childhood sweethearts got engaged in September 2020 and finally tied the knot in 2022.

Ashley Nicole Roberts

Birthdate: 23 November 1989

NFL partner: Philip Wheeler

Profession: U.S. Army Captain, model, media personality

This reality TV star, U.S. Army Captain, and model is known for her superb style, and appearance in the hit show WAGS Miami. One could see why linebacker Philip Wheeler married this talented woman in a beautiful beachside wedding in Curaçao in 2017. That was his best career accomplishment in some ways, as he has been dropped several times by NFL teams.

Marissa Powell

Birthdate: May 1992

NFL partner: Kyle Van Noy

Profession: Model, actress, beauty queen

The next entry on our list of the hottest NFL spouses is Marissa Powell—a gorgeous former Miss USA turned actress. After marrying Kyle Van Noy, the Chargers’ linebacker and two-time Super Bowl winner, Marissa also started a philanthropic foundation with the help of her husband under the name Van Noy Valor Foundation that helps adopted, fostered, and needy youths.

Camille Kostek

Birthdate: 19 February 1992

NFL partner: Rob Gronkowski

Profession: Model, television host, actress

Camille is a former cheerleader, model, television personality, philanthropist and Rob Gronkowski’s romantic partner since 2015. She gained fame as the cover girl of the 2019 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, after which she appeared in various films, TV shows, and music videos.

Nowadays, she manages her jewellery and clothing collections and hosts various game shows such as Wipeout and Dancing With Myself.

Sasha Lee Dindayal

Birthdate: 18 June 1980

NFL partner: Antonio Gates

Profession: Actress, model, hip-hop star, entrepreneur.

Antonio Gates’ wife, Sasha Lee Dindayal, whom he married in 2011 and with whom he has two children, is a talented and gorgeous woman in her own right. While she started her career as an actress, Sasha’s entrepreneurial spirit helped her build an immense Instagram following where she shows off her immaculate sense of fashion and stunning figure.

Moreover, she started a beauty business called ‘Features’, specialising in brows.

Elizabeth Smith

Birthdate: 2 April 1984

NFL partner: Alex Smith

Profession: Former cheerleader

The last name on our NFL wags list is Elizabeth Smith, the wife of former NFL quarterback Alex Smith. Their mutual passion for football (Elizabeth is a former cheerleader) got them together, and since their marriage in 2009, the couple has welcomed three children into this world.

While not much is known about her professional and personal life beyond that, she has been the bedrock in her husband’s life ever since, especially during his 2018 career-threatening injury and subsequent recovery.

So, Who’s the Luckiest NFL Player?

Our list of the hottest NFL wives and girlfriends includes some of the most beautiful and talented women anywhere.

Moreover, one might say the real stars of the NFL are the players’ lovely ladies and that the league is full of lucky husbands! Well, now you know why.

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