10 Hottest Female Footballers (2024 List)

10 Hottest Female Footballers (2022 List)

Messi, Pique, David Beckham—these are just some of the most attractive players in the world of football. 

The athletes on our list of the hottest female footballers may not be as famous as their male counterparts, but they are just as good at what they do.

Let’s take a look at which female footballers made our list and discover some fascinating facts about them in the process. 

Alex Morgan 

She tops our list not only as one of the hottest athletes but also as the best-loved professional in the sport worldwide. 

An American football player based in San Diego, Morgan plays for the San Diego Wave FC within the National Women’s Soccer League. This 32-year-old football star has been featured in many magazines, including Vogue, Elle and the unforgettable 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue that showed several athletes covered in body paint. However, she is not considering switching over to modelling yet, as her football career is still going strong.  

Julia Simic 

This German midfielder was born in Furth in West Germany in 1989. Though retired, Julija is still one of the best players in many people’s minds with good reason. During her long and esteemed career, she played for world-famous teams like Bayern Munich, West Ham, and Milan FC, winning the coveted Bundesliga Cup in 2011 and 2016/17. 

Julia is not only one of the best German female soccer stars but also one of the sexiest female footballers to be featured in the German Playboy issue.  

Anouk Hoogendijk 

Anouk is one of the most attractive women to ever grace the game, with her traditional Dutch beauty shining through in every match she played. Today the 36-year-old is still looking great, wearing her 103 caps with pride. 

Anouk has been active in football since 2007, playing for the Dutch national team, as well as Arsenal, Ajax, and FC Utrecht. Like other big names in sport, she is a Nike athlete, signing with the company back in 2009. 

Jonelle Filigno 

This 31-year-old brunette scores easily on the hottest female soccer players list. 

An Olympic bronze medallist, this green-eyed beauty made her senior debut as a teenager at 17. Jonelle was an earlier part of the Canadian national team, as well as the Vancouver Whitecaps and more. Her last appearance for the national team was at the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Even after she retired from football in 2017, Jonelle continues to be involved with the sport. She is currently the brand marketing representative and communications manager for Adidas Canada.

Adriana Leon

Another Canadian footballer, Adriana, plays for the FA Women’s Super League club West Ham United and the Canadian national team.

With her blond hair and curved body, this 29-year-old winger is many people’s ideal of beauty. On top of that, she is an amazing athlete, having played for some of the biggest clubs in North America and winning a Gold Medal at the 2020 Summer Olympics. 

How does she stay fit? In addition to her training exercises, she loves to do meditation and hot yoga as well as squats to tone her legs.

Sydney Leroux

Next up on the list of hot female football players is the beautiful Sydney Leroux, who at 31 is playing for Orlando Pride as a forward. 

Sydney began playing professional soccer at fifteen, moving on to clubs in Seattle, Boston, and Vancouver. Her inimitable style shines through in each of her matches, winning her the Gold Medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

Leroux has appeared in several ads for Nike and has an endorsement deal with Nestlé Nesquik and sports drink company BODYARMOR, becoming the first female endorser of the brand.

Nayeli Rangel

Nayeli Rangel is the Mexican beauty we can’t get enough of. 

Born in Monterrey, she moved to the United States to play soccer, joining Sky Blue FC in the new National Women’s Soccer League.

Now, aged 29, she is a midfielder at Tigres UANL Club, as well as being a major player on the Mexican women’s national team. It doesn’t appear as though retirement is on the cards for her soon as she is very much in demand. 

She is quite active on Instagram, as well, where she often posts pictures showing why she is considered one of the sexiest female footballers. 

Laure Boulleau 

One of the most beautiful women in football, Laure played in Division 1 with the Paris Saint-Germain and the French women’s national football team. 

Her sleek and attractive, ever-youthful looks, and stunning green eyes keep her on this list today even though she retired from professional football in 2018. 

Now, the 35-year-old can be seen on the TV screens as a consultant for the French television show Canal Football Club. She is also a close friend of PSG’s most famous (or second-most famous) number 10 player, Neymar. 

Selina Wagner

Selina Wagner (31) is from Germany and currently plays as a midfielder for SC Sand in the Bundesliga. 

From 2007 to 2010, she was an integral part of Germany’s main national team, helping the team win the final of the U-20 Women’s World Cup. 

In addition, her Kardashian-style looks are still getting a lot of attention on Instagram, where she is building a solid career as an influencer. Like fellow hottie Julia Simic, Selina Wagner posed for the German July/August issue of Playboy.

Louisa Cadamuro 

Last but certainly not least, Louisa is a former professional footballer from France, having retired in 2017. Her superb technique on the field earned her the title of “gifted playmaker” and the nickname “female Zinedine Zidane” by the French media.

Now 34, she can proudly look back on a career of playing for a range of teams from CNFE Clairefontaine to Montpellier and Lyon and a few years in the French national team. She has since presented sports as a consultant on French television.

Bottom Line 

Although some are retired, and others are still at the peak of their career, these hottest female footballers are the kind we love to see, each with their own style and beauty too.

One thing is certain: there remain plenty of sexy women footballers in the game, and that looks unlikely to change any time soon.

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