Crazy and Unique Gambling Tattoo Ideas

Crazy and Unique Gambling Tattoo Ideas

Gambling and tattoo enthusiasts love taking risks – gamblers with placing their bets, and tattoo enthusiasts with allowing permanent ink to be put on their skin without knowing what the outcome will look like exactly.

If you’re already a passionate gambler but also want some gambling tattoo ideas, check our suggestions below.

Aces High

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When playing card games, especially blackjack and poker, the Ace is the highest card available. With four of a kind being one of the strongest hands in poker and the Ace the highest card, this gambling tattoo idea is excellent for those who want to be seen and feel like winners.


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The number 13 may be seen as an unlucky number, but the opposite is true for the number 7. In fact, when playing the slot machines, a triple 7 is the most desired combination and slot symbol. If you’re looking for casino tattoo designs and ideas that will represent and bring you good luck, the 777 symbol is the tattoo for you.

 Lady Luck

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Women may have been seen as bringers of bad luck on ships in the past, but they have also been seen as bringers of good luck from ancient times (such as Fortuna and Tyche goddesses in Roman and Greek mythologies). For those who believe the latter, a Lady Luck tattoo is one of the best casino tattoo ideas. Being a personification of luck, she in the form of a tattoo can bring you good luck in a casino.

Rolling Dice

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A stand-alone symbol of gambling and casino games, the rolling dice is also the most common gambling tattoo seen on inked gamblers. Often combined with other gambling symbols, the rolling dice represent faith and the constant change of human luck and fortune. If you’re thinking of getting gambling themed tattoos, be sure to consider this one as well.

Poker Chips

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Just like the rolling dice, poker chips are also one of the most widely recognised casino and gambling symbols. Poker players who have a poker chips tattoo usually give the impression of not being afraid to go all-in and risk everything. If you’re searching for some gambling tattoo designs to send this message, you may want to opt for tattooing poker chips. However, as they are rarely used as a stand-alone tattoo, you can combine them with other gambling symbols to form a sleeve tattoo.

Blacklight Tattoo

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These tattoos are partly visible in normal light and become much more apparent under UV light. This is a perfect gambling tattoo idea for those who want to hide their ink outside the casino, but be seen as fierce opponents in it. As UV lights are common in casinos and gambling tournaments, whatever symbols you decide to use on your blacklight tattoo will be visible there but not that noticeable outside – perfect for those who want to keep their passion for gambling in casinos only.

 Ace of Spades

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Commonly seen as the highest and most valuable card in the deck of playing cards, the Ace of spades is one of the most common gambling themed tattoos. As this card is also known as the Death card, it is often combined with skeletons and fire symbols in the form of a tattoo, which can give other gamblers the impression you are a dangerous and worthy opponent.

The Joker

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Since the Joker can mimic every possible card in the deck, it can have a variety of meanings. The same goes for a Joker tattoo; if you get it, there are many impressions about you that people can get. If you want to have a Joker card vibe and be seen as unpredictable, this is one of the most popular gambling tattoo designs for this purpose.

The ‘All of A Kind’ Tattoo

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If you want people to know you are both a gambling and tattoo enthusiast, here’s a great gambling tattoo idea for you – the ‘all of a kind’ tattoo. Referencing the four of a kind poker hand, this tattoo can show people you are an experienced poker player who isn’t afraid to prove it permanently in ink.

The Spinning Roulette

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One of the most common casino tattoo designs is one of the most popular casino game the roulette. The spinning roulette is a tattoo that even football star Neymar Jr has chosen to wear for life. Despite the obvious gambling aspect, the spinning roulette is often used as a symbol of life and the sudden twist of faith we are put through our lives. It also shows the risks a gambler is ready to take in order to win.

Elvis Presley 

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Not your traditional gambling symbol, Elvis Presley still is a big name in the Las Vegas gambling culture, being one of the city’s most famous symbols and singing some of the best gambling songs. If you frequently visit Las Vegas casinos and are looking for casino tattoo ideas, why not get one of the King? After all, being one of Las Vegas’ symbols, his face or name in the form of a tattoo can bring you quite a bit of good luck. 

Wrapping Up

Are you a gambling and casino enthusiast who wants some gambling themed tattoos? If so, we hope our gambling tattoos ideas and suggestions will inspire you to get inked.

With plenty of symbols to choose from which have so many different meanings, we are positive you’ll find the right one for you!

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